Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ring Photo Caption Contest: Be Clever and Win Daily!

What’s going on? You tell us!

Each day during the Ring, we'll post a new photo-of-the-day and we want YOU to write the caption! Each photo is from our current production of the Ring, but don’t let that limit your imagination—we know the plot already, so tell us what other crazy things could be going on in the picture!

Be creative, funny, witty, and clever. We'll pick a winner each day (to be announced the following morning along with the new daily snapshot), so check back to see if your caption is selected as our favorite!

Oh, and the winner gets a prize (so leave your name in the comments along with your caption)! ONLY available to caption contest winners (i.e not for sale in the gift shop), behold:

Without further ado, let your creative juices flow with our first photo:

Again, be sure to include your name in the comments along with your caption if you want to win! Need inspiration? Check out our last caption writing contest.

Happy caption writing!


EdlyRed said...

Wotan and the giants' quest for the perfect walking stick on their day hike in the woods.

jsm1144 said...

My stick is bigger than yours.

Anonymous said...

You put your spear in, you put your spear out, you put your spear in and you shake it all about...

Geoduck said...

This? I stole it from some dumb kid, I think his name was 'Parsifal'. Boy, was he ticked.

Eden R. said...

Cool a stick! I know I poked my eye out the last time I played with one, but I'm sure this time will be different!

Anonymous said...

Wotan: Oh, ME GOD! Your sticks are so old-fashioned! And I will close an eye regarding your clothes...


Anonymous said...

Wotan: "My sthick is big but my range is bigger"

Jonathan Caves said...

The decision to add some Morris Dancing to the opera left both the audience and some cast members perplexed

Lane Savant said...

Hmmm...according to the markings, it's Apache.

Angyl said...

Ask your doctor about sildenafil citrate today!

Anonymous said...

"We'll wipe that smirk off your face!"
-- Win H.

Rob Falconer said...

OK, who stole our rowboat?

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