Thursday, August 20, 2009

Photo-of-the-Day Caption Contest

Yesterday's captions brought another batch of hilarity! Today's "Ho Jo To Ho" t-shirt goes to hmunz for their caption, "For my next trick I'll pull a RABBIT out of his other ear!"

Keep those creative juices flowing with the new photo-of-the day:


Sam Fontaine said...

Look! They finally got the 787 off the ground.

brianna stuart said...

it's a bird, it's a plane, it's... SUPERSPEIGHT!

Tracy said...

Let’s see if you girls can match this javelin shot!

Jonathan Caves said...

Hey look: you can see Valhalla from here!

Unknown said...

And....cue the horns!

Lavon said...

Alright girls it's the second star to the right, and straight on till morning!

RMF said...

Wait, if that's Julianne Gearhart, then we must be under water!

Unknown said...

It's a UFO that's gotten in Brunnhilde and Grane's flight path!

Rhiar said...

Ha ha! I made you look!

Unknown said...

So..take a right at Venus, and then left at Mars and you can't miss it.

Nicholas Kosuk said...

Look there! Elvis lives!

Michael said...

"I told you that people were literally flying in to Seattle to see The Ring."

Howard Bond said...

Brunnhilde Airlines....always late!

Jonathan Caves said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

That one looks like a fuzzy stegosaurus to me...

jmb said...

Great red dress!- front balcony, on the left ...

Jonathan Caves said...

You! Yes: you in seat K1! Stop unwrapping those candies. If I hear you again I coming up there and I'm bringing my spear.

Annette Green+ said...

Oh, girls, isn't this new GPS marvelous!

Tintahal said...

The shirt should go to Brianna Stuart for "SUPERSPEIGHT"! It is a laugh-out-loud comment, very fitting. Nothing can top that!

jeff hanna said...

Vhat's Vrong, Waltraute?

Der vise guy in der front row asks why Valkyrie is spelled with a V, and Walkure with a W!

brianna stuart said...

*flattered* thanks!

Liz Skyllingstad said...

"And over there we're putting the water feature!"

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