Friday, August 21, 2009

Photo-of-the-Day Caption Contest

Check out yesterday's great captions. Hats off to our latest winner, Sam Fontaine (email us to learn how to redeem your prize!), for his comment, "Look! They finally got the 787 off the ground!"

Another t-shirt is up for grabs with today's photo, behold:


jeff hanna said...

Are you trying to teach me the meaning offear by dressing as a jihadist?

Michael said...

"Let go. I promise you that if a tree falls in a forest, no one will hear it."

Monte Johnson said...

or we could take this to a town hall meeting...

Nicholas Kosuk said...

Brunnhilde is mine, get your own Valkyrie! Why does every one forget there are eight others to choose from?

Nicholas Kosuk said...

Brunnhilde is mine, get your own Valkyrie! Why does everyone forget there are eight others to choose from?

Anonymous said...

My god man, do something with that beard and go wash up, you smell of Rhinemaiden!

Ringaholic said...

Whoa! Your eyes are bloodshot! Wait, are you stoned?!?!

Kevon said...

You said you'd never let anything come between us...

Siobhan said...

Haha! My right ear can't hear you! If only I were Wotan, I would only have to look at you with one eye, too!

Naiad said...

*Really* listen... you can hear the ocean!

Ashley B said...

It doesn't matter who's wrong or who's right, just beat it!

Allen Stueben said...

Siegfried to Mime: Close your eyes and count to 50 and I'll go hide. Really I will.

Ian G said...

"No, You're It!"

Mary Stueben said...

So WHERE do babies come from?

herbie said...

I look at the animals in the forest, and the babies look younger than their parents.

So if you're my parent, how come I look older than you?

Bill Brice said...

Das ist kein Mann?

Anonymous said...

Relax, I need to check on the Red of the Valkyries I am brewing!

Liz Skyllingstad said...

You say tomatoes and I say tomahtoes....

Rachel Velarde said...

My first thought was "Tag, you're it...", but it seems Ian was ahead of me on that. My 2nd thought is "How long do you think we can hold this thing up??"

Danielle said...

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Robert Bollier said...

So when I look at my reflection I certainly won't see...Oh my god, something's wrong with my mirror!

Tintahal said...


Unknown said...

With all his blinking and nodding, Mime was doomed to lose the staring contest.

Howard Bond said...

Whoever blinks first has to slay the next dragon!

Mike Smith said...

I know you are, but what am I?

Hexicon said...

You want another sword, Siegfried? You'll get Nothung and like it!

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