Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Praise for The Barber of Seville

Duke Kim (Count Almaviva) and Megan Moore (Rosina) in The Barber of Seville. © Sunny Martini

“The Seattle Opera has done it again, in their wonderful and fun new production of The Barber of Seville (one of Rossini’s greatest comic works). Co-produced by Opera Queensland, Seattle Opera, and New Zealand Opera, all I really need to say about it is “WOW!” British Theatre Guide

“I've never so thoroughly enjoyed "The Barber of Seville" as on opening night of Seattle Opera's production by Lindy Hume. A fantastic debut for Valentina Peleggi, a real singers' conductor who knows how to bring out the sophistication of Rossini's score. And a terrific cast of young singers, many also making their company debut. Highly recommended.” –Thomas May of The Seattle Times from Facebook

“Rossini’s music is famous for its vocal fireworks, and the cast negotiated the dazzling scales and ornamentation seemingly effortlessly and with delight. […] If you’re looking for an afternoon or evening of effervescent delight for your ears and eyes, this is the show for you. Glorious music, likeable characters (even the villains), and eye-candy sets, costumes, staging, and choreography await you. Go treat yourself.” –Drama in the Hood

Luke Sutliff (Figaro) in The Barber of Seville. © Sunny Martini

“Seattle Opera chose this gem, a co-production between Opera Queensland, Seattle Opera, and New Zealand Opera, to initiate the photo finish to their 2023-24 season. It was clearly the right move. Directed by Lindy Hume (SO’s The Stranger, Rigoletto, Count Ory), with its boldly colored, spectacularly vibrant sets and costumes, gave an overall effect that was captivating: funny, sexy, and alive. The well-appointed cast included panoplies of familiar performers coupled with an impressive number of fresh new faces, providing an extraordinary assemblage of talent onstage. […] It was without a doubt the highlight of, and a perfect ending to, the company’s season.” –Broadway World/LA Opus

Marc Kenison/Waxie Moon (Ambrogio), Duke Kim (Count Almaviva), and Kevin Burdette (Doctor Bartolo) in The Barber of Seville. © Sunny Martini

“Every moment was pure magic.” –Patron from Instagram

“You don't wanna miss this. Hilarious, gorgeous, so well designed and executed!” –EmpeROAR Fabulous from Facebook

“Entertaining and captivating. You must see this production it's fantastic.”–Maya D from Facebook

The Barber of Seville at @Seattleopera had me in stitches! Absolutely gorgeous production with an uncommonly hilarious cast.” –Mei D from X (formerly Twitter)

Taylor Raven (Rosina) in The Barber of Seville. © David Jaewon Oh

“It was magic from the start, from the opening bars of the overture, as Tracy Grant Lord’s stage picture, a proscenium arch made of paintings from its setting of Seville, lit up as the overture first crept, then roared into McCaw’s house. […] Don’t miss this! –British Theatre Guide

“Even if you think you don’t like opera, you’ve probably hummed tunes from “The Barber of Seville.” The music has appeared in everything from Looney Tunes cartoons to episodes of “Seinfeld” and “The Simpsons” and dog food commercials. But there’s nothing like seeing the real thing. […] If you’ve never seen live opera, this is the one to try out. And if you are already an opera fan — well, you probably already have tickets.” –The Seattle Times

“No matter how many times you’ve seen “The Barber of Seville” — let alone heard the hit tune that Figaro, the title character, sings as his first entrance — you can expect fresh insights into this well-known score under Valentina Peleggi’s baton.” –The Seattle Times


The Barber of Seville runs now through May 19, 2024. Tickets and info at


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