Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Praise for Tristan and Isolde

The reviews are in for Tristan and Isolde and it's a hit! Read what critics had to say about this beautiful production.

Mary Elizabeth Williams (Isolde) and Stefan Vinke (Tristan) in Tristan and Isolde. © Sunny Martini.

“If you live in Seattle and you’ve never been to the Seattle Opera, you’ve been wasting a precious and delicious resource, and it’s time for this to stop.” —The Stranger

“[T]here was superb music from a first-rate cast and orchestra Saturday night. But what few could have anticipated is how gorgeous this ‘Tristan’ would look—and how the brilliant use of projections on the stage can draw the audience into the inner world of the two protagonists. […] Stage director Marcelo Lombardero and set/video designer Diego Siliano have created a game-changing ‘Tristan’ with this remarkable production.” The Seattle Times

“From the second bar of Richard Wagner’s ‘Tristan und Isolde,’ in the hands of conductor Jordan De Souza, it was clear Seattle Opera’s production (which opened Saturday night and runs through Oct. 29) would be sonically something special.” —OperaWire

Amber Wagner (Brangäne) and Mary Elizabeth Williams in Tristan and Isolde. © Sunny Martini.

“Williams and De Souza saved their best for last. The ‘Liebestod’ […] was strong, beautifully vocalized, rapturous, and transcendent.” —Classical Voice North America

“[Conductor Jordan de Souza’s] crisp cues, rhythmic flow, and ability to create a transparent and delicately balanced soundscape signal remarkable self-assurance in someone conducting this difficult score for the first time. […] The orchestra responded splendidly through the night – with the despondent English horn solo in Act III more beautifully phrased than I have ever heard.” —Opera Today

“Stefan Vinke brings to Tristan an indefatigable heldentenor of sturdy, muscular brilliance and a physical intensity that allowed him to fearlessly traverse this complex character’s broad emotional compass.” —Parterre Box

Mary Elizabeth Williams (Isolde) in Tristan and Isolde. © Sunny Martini.
“Mary Elizabeth Williams as Isolde was every bit the singer as well as performer that the role required. Her vocal projection was soaring and sweet. Her performance was nuanced and engaging.” —Eclectic Arts

“Seattle Opera’s orchestra is always grand. […] The performers in Seattle Opera’s show are top-notch.” —NWTheatre

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Tristan and Isolde
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