Monday, May 10, 2021

Seattle Opera and Bloodworks Northwest host third pop-up blood drive

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Seattle Opera and Bloodworks Northwest host third pop-up blood drive: 10 a.m.– 5 p.m. on May 18 ; 9 a.m.– 5 p.m. on May 20, 25 & 27 at The Opera Center: 363 Mercer St.

Seattle Opera and Bloodworks Northwest are teaming up to present a May blood drive at the Opera Center. Members of the public can donate blood on May 18, 20, 25 or 27. Appointments are required, and people can sign up at or call 800-398-7888.

In the midst of a nationwide blood shortage, donating is more important than ever. In the Pacific Northwest, patient demand has increased 18 percent. With warmer weather causing some to skip their donation appointments—in addition to confusion surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine (there is no wait time for donating after receiving the vaccine)—blood supplies are reaching a crisis point: Most blood types are at emergency levels. It will take weeks or months to replenish supplies and return to operational levels.

“Blood is being shipped to hospitals faster than it’s being collected,” said Vicki Finson, Bloodworks EVP of Blood Services. “We’re actively communicating with hospitals to conserve blood and appealing to donors to book appointments so that doctors don’t need to make difficult decisions like canceling surgeries or postponing treatments based on the blood supply. And because donation is by appointment-only, if you cannot make your appointment, it’s critical to cancel so others can fill in for you.”

Blood donations support cancer patients, trauma victims, premature babies, and severely ill COVID-19 patients—among others. These one-hour donation appointments are a safe action one can take to support local hospitals and patients. The Seattle Opera pop-up event will be conducted in accordance with social distancing guidelines. No walk-ins, guests, or people under age 16 are permitted onsite. Donors are asked to wear a mask/face covering.

“Through our art, and our civic actions in the community, Seattle Opera aims to be responsive to the needs of our region,” said Seattle Opera General Director Christina Scheppelmann. “We hope you will join us in donating at our May blood drive. Giving blood is an important way of caring for each other and contributing to healthcare readiness.”

At Seattle Opera’s first drive in August 2020, 196 people gave blood over a four-day period. Donations from the event may have benefitted as many as 500 patients in the Greater Seattle area.

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