Friday, February 8, 2019

Method Acting, Steve Jobs, and Opera

John Moore's headshot contrasts with a photo of him in rehearsal for The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs; Philip Newton photo.
In this interview with BBC journalist Brian Wise, baritone John Moore (Steve Jobs in The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs) talks more about his approach to personifying the visionary CEO, known for his shaved head and turtleneck:

“I’ve lost 20 pounds over the last year,” Moore said. “I’m at the smallest weight that I’ve ever been ... I normally have beautiful, curly brown hair down to the middle of my back and (decided to) shave it completely off for this role and to look somewhat gaunt...I get excited about being the truest representation that onstage that I can be and because it’s Steve Jobs, there’s nothing to hide behind. It’s a black shirt and blue jeans and for him at that time, a bald head and some scruffy facial hair.”
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