Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Top 8 Reasons to attend Summer Fest

By Lauren Brigolin

Seattle Opera’s Summer Fest not only kicks off a new season of fantastic performances, it's a celebration for kids of all ages. With live music, amazing costumes to see up-close, loads of activities, (and a remote-controlled swan?!), don't resist the charm of Seattle Opera's free event. Give in to the fun. Here are 8 reasons to add Summer Fest (noon - 3 p.m. on July 15, McCaw Hall) to your calendar!   

1. FREE event! 
Need I say more?
Young guests at Seattle Opera's Summer Fest
Young visitors to Seattle Opera’s Summer Fest enjoy the remote-controlled swan from Lohengrin. Photo by Philip Newton. 
2. Summer Fest is for everyone
Kids. Parents. Grandparents, it’s a day of play! Plus, parking is super close.

3. Perfect setting to give opera an "adventure bite." 
Never seen an opera? Not sure if you'll like it? That's the beauty of Summer Fest. You get to hear excerpts from Seattle Opera’s entire season! Live! And trust me, there's something supremely magical about experiencing opera up close that you just can't get during a formal performance.

Soprano Serena Edujee
Soprano Serena Eduljee gets ready to sing at last year’s Summer Fest. Photo by Philip Newton.
4. You can still sleep in that morning. 
Yes, July 15 is a Saturday. However, festivities start at noon and go until 3 p.m. so no worries about hitting the snooze button first. (Also, you can come and go as you please) 

5. You get to do stuff.  
Besides making opera's acquaintance, you can make masks, learn how to fold origami, and learn some street art techniques from Mike Wagner.

Cheryse McLeod Lewis, Seattle Opera's Summer Fest
Cheryse McLeod Lewis, member of the Seattle Opera Chorus, and family. Photo by Philip Newton.
6. It's not long. Or serious. 
After all, Jet City Improv will perform a version of the entire opera season in one performance, and that’s no laughing matter.
Seattle Opera's Summer Fest
Photo by Philip Newton.
7. It's not all about opera.
Experience the magic of seeing Seattle Kokon Taiko when they perform on their incredible Japanese drums. There's also award-winning guitarist Andre Feriante and flamenco dancing, too!

8. In addition to awesome music, you'll have lots to look at. 
Check out displays of Seattle Opera costumes and try your hand at costuming an opera character.

Seattle Opera's Summer Fest 2016
Monte Jacobson, Chloe, and other attendees enjoy Summer Fest 2016.  Photo by Philip Newton.

Crowd at Seattle Opera's Summer Fest
Photo by Philip Newton.

Girl playing a trumpet at Seattle Opera's Summer Fest
Photo by Philip Newton.

Stage at Seattle Opera's Summer Fest
Photo by Philip Newton.