Monday, June 13, 2016

Spotted at Seattle Opera: Top 4 Fashion Styles

Although many people enjoy dressing up when they go to operas, there’s no dress code at Seattle Opera. Here you’ll see people wearing everything from ball gowns and tuxes to shorts and Birkenstocks. Here are just a few of our favorite outfits spotted in the audience:

#1: Classic silhouette, bold patterns

© Philip Newton

#2: Festive formal

© Ron Storer

#3: Casual chic

© Philip Newton

#4: Anything goes!

© Philip Newton

Moral of the story: Feel free to dress up for a special night out, dress down for comfort, or find your own happy medium. All are welcome at Seattle Opera!

Ready to experience live opera for yourself? Explore our 2016/17 season to choose from over-the-top comedy, passion-fueled tragedy, colorful fantasy, and more. Wear whatever makes you feel fabulous!