Thursday, January 8, 2015

First Photos from Tosca

We had a great rehearsal of Tosca last night at Seattle Opera! Enjoy these photos taken at the final dress by our expert photographer, Elise Bakketun.
Lithuanian soprano Ausrine Stundyte, who made her Seattle Opera debut as Madama Butterfly in 2012, returns as Tosca. (Elise Bakketun, photo)

Greer Grimsley returns to Seattle Opera in one of his favorite roles, Baron Scarpia. (Elise Bakketun, photo)

“You are so skilled at making me fall in love with you.” Cavaradossi (Stefano Secco) woos Tosca (Ausrine Stundyte) in the church scene of Act One. (Elise Bakketun, photo)

Scarpia (Greer Grimsley) and Spoletta (Alasdair Elliott) find a clue, to the consternation of the Sacristan (Peter Strummer). (Elise Bakketun, photo)

Tosca (Ausrine Stundyte) tries to comfort Cavaradossi (Stefano Secco) after his interrogation. (Elise Bakketun, photo)

“Traitor! I’ll see you hang!” Scarpia (Greer Grimsley) is angry that Spoletta (Alasdair Elliott) has failed to catch Angelotti. (Elise Bakketun, photo)

The Sacristan (Peter Strummer) shares the news that Bonaparte’s forces have been routed at the battle of Marengo. (Elise Bakketun, photo)

Scarpia (Greer Grimsley) fans the flames of Tosca (Ausrine Stundyte’s) jealousy with the fan of the Marchesa Attavanti. (Elise Bakketun, photo)

“Tosca, you make me forget God!” Scarpia (Greer Grimsley) kisses the hand of the Cardinal (Rob Martin) at the end of Act One. (Elise Bakketun, photo)

Scarpia (Greer Grimsley) duels with Tosca (Ausrine Stundyte) in their Act Two confrontation. (Elise Bakketun, photo)

“Speak to me as you spoke before; the sound of your voice is so comforting.” Cavaradossi (Stefano Secco) and Tosca (Ausrine Stundyte) in the final scene. (Elise Bakketun, photo)


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