Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Join us for TALK-BACKS after the show!

Three great reasons to stay at McCaw Hall after your performance of Don Giovanni:

1. Share your thoughts and feelings! After each performance we’re hosting a lively conversation in the Allen Room (on the Mercer St. side of McCaw Hall) to discuss this most intriguing of operas and that evening’s performance.

2. Meet the people who make it happen! General Director Aidan Lang will be at each Talk-Back, eager to hear from you what you loved (and what you didn’t love so much). And he’ll have a special guest from the production each night. For remaining performances of Don Giovanni, the guests will be:

Wednesday, Oct. 22 / Erik Anstine, Leporello
Saturday, Oct. 25 / Gary Thor Wedow, conductor
Wednesday, Oct. 29 / Cecelia Hall, Zerlina
Friday, Oct. 31 / Alexandra LoBianco, Donna Anna
Saturday, Nov. 1 / Gary Wedow, conductor

3. Avoid the traffic! Who enjoys waiting in their car while the Mercer St. parking lot empties very slowly? Stay with us a few minutes longer—that will give the traffic a chance to clear, and you’ll go home stimulated instead of aggravated.


  1. The way this magnificent opera was staged (sets & ) was utter and complete GARBAGE! I can only imagine Mozart flipping over and over in his grave. In fact, it was so horrible, it was difficult to appreciate the amazing & wonderful performances. The music was superb as were the artists, but in the setting it was impossible to enjoy. Typical Seattle artist license idiocy. I sometimes wonder after such a disaster why I continue to support these inferior opera seasons. I suppose it's in the hopes they will seldom pull one of these bonehead approaches and ruin amazing art. Their variation on the story would have been unique and interesting with proper sets & costuming. A motorcycle, an elevator, modern day luggage? Really? Utter garbage. I wonder if they'll ever try something like this with Wagner's Ring.

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