Friday, January 11, 2013

Search for Cinderella: Day 1 Wrap-Up

Today we kicked off our first-ever digital scavenger hunt, offering up a grand prize of 2 tickets to Cinderella, and a runner-up prize of 2 tickets to the Young Artists' "Viva Verdi!" concert, to the first people who could reach the end of our online trail of clues. The prizes were claimed within minutes, by the clever Hanna Raskin and Robert Robinson-Hamm! Below, we outline the trail for today's hunt, in case you were stumped or curious. Another hunt for new prizes begins Monday at 10 a.m., and you can learn more about our Search for Cinderella and its rules here on this blog post.

January 11 Clues

At 10 a.m. on Facebook and Twitter, we re-posted the link to our original blog post, announcing our Search for Cinderella. But there was something different this time around:

(Click photo to see full size)

Several letters were highlighted in red, spelling out "yelp photo." If you had then gone to Seattle Opera's page on Yelp and scrolled through the photos uploaded there, you would have found that one that stood out amongst the shots of McCaw Hall: a picture of our opening night Cinderella, Daniela Pini.

(Click photo to see full size)

The caption of the photo told you to read her bio on our website, and provided a link to the Cinderella production page. From there, you'd have had to navigate to the Cast page, and click on Daniela's name to see her bio:

(Click photo to see full size)

Everything should have seemed normal--except for the "Last Updated" date on the bottom, which read "March 17, 1977" and was suspiciously hyperlinked. That link went straight to our Facebook page, and if you had navigated on our Timeline to 1977, you'd have seen four photos dated March 17 of that year.

(Click photo to see full size)

March 17, 1977, by the way, was when Seattle Opera performed La Cenerentola (or, Cinderella) for the very first time. Had you clicked through those four photos, and you would have found that one of them had something special in its caption:

(Click photo to see full size)

That caption instructed people to e-mail And that was that; the first two who e-mailed won!

Thanks to everyone who participated in our first day, and we can't wait to reveal Monday's prize and trail of clues. We hope you come back and try your luck then!

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