Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Rehearsing with New Cast Members

Today's rehearsal for our Don Quixotes and Sancho Panzas took place in a somewhat unusual setting. Instead of singing in our rehearsal studios, John Relyea, Nicolas Cavallier, Eduardo Chama, and Richard Bernstein all headed out to Branch's Quarter Horses in Bothell this morning to work with two fellow actors: Desperado, a 14-year-old Tennessee Walking Horse, and Millie, an 8-year-old Paint Donkey. The two will appear on-stage during the run of Don Quichotte, and Desperado and Millie spent the morning getting used to our singers, their voices, and some of the costumes and props, so they'll be more comfortable when it comes time for them to take the stage.

Check out a few pictures from today's trip to the stables, below.

Director Linda Brovsky snuggles up to Desperado, who plays Rocinante, and John Relyea (Saturday/Wednesday Don Quixote) gets to know his new colleague.

Richard Bernstein (Friday/Sunday Sancho Panza) shares a few words with Millie, who will play Dapple, Sancho's mount.

Richard Bernstein and Nicolas Cavallier (the Friday/Sunday Sancho Panzo and Don Quixote) show Desperado what it's like to have an opera singer wearing costume armor a few inches away from you.

Eduardo Chama (Saturday/Wednesday Sancho Panza) tries out a lullaby on Millie.

Director Linda Brovsky and her new pal, Desperado.

All photos by Bill Mohn.