Tuesday, November 9, 2010

David Krohn's Viva la Mamma! Photos: Week 1

The Young Artists Program's fall tour of Donizetti's Viva la Mamma! opened last Thursday in Kirkland, for the first of six performances that will present this rarely-performed comic opera to communities around the state. Viva la Mamma! tells of an opera company struggling with a production that is doomed from the start, thanks to the cast's clashing personalities--but the 2010/11 Young Artists don't seem to have that same problem. Baritone David Krohn brought his camera along to this weekend's Kirkland and Bellingham performances, and he kindly agreed to share some behind-the scenes photos, below.

Still left on the tour schedule are performances at Orcas Island, Friday Harbor, Walla Walla, and Seattle, so stay tuned for even more pictures as the tour continues!

Arriving in Kirkland for our opening night, our first stop is the catering table.

Lindsey fuels up.

Getting pumped before rehearsing in the space.

Kelly has to be the entire orchestra for this opera.

Don’t mess with Maestro and Poeta.

Jessilee assembles the set pieces for every performance.

‎"Where did you guys put my costume!?"

Eric helps to load the van after our opening show in Kirkland.

It's not an opera without a shield!

Back in the van for another show – today, Bellingham!

Lindsey reviews some arias for upcoming auditions on the way to a show.

Adrian makes it through the long van ride with help of energy drinks.

Dan reads books on quantum physics.

Erik and I goofing off before a show. I like the dragon's eyelashes, myself.

Adrian has found his costume.

Two shows down!!!

Photos by David Krohn