Monday, September 13, 2010

Scenic Artist Rick Araluce Featured in LA Weekly

Rick Araluce (left, consulting with installation artist Sarah Sze) has been working at Seattle Opera's Scenic Studios, in Renton, WA, for over a decade. But this Los Angeles native was recently profiled by LA Weekly, who reported on his work, not as a creator of gargantuan opera sets, but as a miniaturist and creator of dioramas. Read the LA Weekly article HERE.

At his WEBSITE, Rick writes about the inspiration behind some of his minatures:

“Empty rooms. Barren chambers. Ill-lit crawl spaces. Places where the dust settles, the paint peels, the plaster falls from the lath to scatter upon aged floor boards. Places where something has happened. Or where nothing has happened for years.

There are stories here.

If you look, if you listen, you will hear them.”

The Revenge of Silence

The Impossibility of Sound

The Ultimate Journey

Top photo by Bill Mohn; other images courtesy Rick Araluce