Monday, May 10, 2010

Amelia Opening Night Q&A with Speight Jenkins

Listen to this live recording of Seattle Opera General Director Speight Jenkins as they candidly answer the audience's questions after the Saturday, May 8 world premiere of Amelia.


  1. It would be appreciated if an announcement was made about the fact that these events were being recorded for audio and video publication at the start of the events. It is a courtesy to the persons attending the event to let them know they are being recorded. A case can be made that it is the law to notify people that they are being recorded and that it will be published on the internet.

  2. Yes, we've been announcing that when recording the opening night Q&A for our last few productions. It seems like, between the excitement in the house and the standing ovation that greeted Speight when he stepped into the Lecture Hall on May 8, that announcement may have been obscured. We'll make sure to post the recording situation if it happens in the future.

  3. A simple solution to this would be while the room is filling up to have a slide on the projector that states that a live recording is in progress and that the recording of the event will be published on the internet.

    That would take the burden off of the person conducting the event.