Monday, April 5, 2010

Making of Amelia Part IV: Creating a Village Scene

In this week’s Making of Amelia installment, visit the Seattle Opera Scene Shop and be amazed at the set for the Vietnam Village scene. Scenic Studios Manager Michael Moore walks through the construction and aging of Vietnam huts and Master Scenic Artist Kitty Kavanaugh and her team demonstrate the elaborate and fascinating process of creating an enormous, hand-painted backdrop.

To watch more videos or learn more about Seattle Opera's production of Amelia, visit the Seattle Opera website.


  1. What a cool video! That drop is beautiful and those huts look so real. Now that I've seen what these items look like at the beginning, I can't wait to see the final products onstage!

  2. Hallo, SeaOp Blog Readers!!
    Very impressive set!!!!
    Michael Moore's shop (and Lynch's sets) provide the best sets I've ever seen in Germany or the USA!!
    Great that they are on the Seattle Opera team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Win H.