Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Amelia Sneak Peek Event

Yesterday, we invited several local arts bloggers and critics to an Amelia Sneak Peek event at our rehearsal studio. They heard from the creative team of composer Daron Hagen, librettist Gardner McFall, and director and story author Stephen Wadsworth, along with a few of the singers: Kate Lindsey (Amelia), William Burden (Dodge), and David McFerrin (Paul, alternating with Nathan Gunn). The artists talked about the process of creating and rehearsing a brand new opera, and McFerrin sang a portion of the "Letter Aria," a beautiful piece that features actual text from a letter that McFall's navy-pilot father sent home before he was lost at sea.

Zach Carstensen of The Gathering Note liveblogged the event, and you may have seen his updates on Twitter, along with tweets from Michael van Baker of, Ron Holden of Crosscut and Seattlest, and Virginia Wright of City Arts online.

You'll get more great behind-the-scenes glimpses at Amelia, as we roll out our final "Making of Amelia" videos, which will feature the singers in rehearsals and a retrospective on the entire process. Stay tuned!

Photos: Kate Lindsey and Daron Hagen; Reporters listen to a discussion between William Burden and Gardner McFall. All photos © Bill Mohn photo

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  1. Hallo, SeattleOperaBloggers!!
    Sounds like a MOST interesting and educational event!!! Wish I could have been there -- and wish I could be in Seattle for your Amelia production!! The Amelia entries on this blogsite have whetted my appetite -- and, hopefully, the appetites of many other people in the Seattle area who ARE able to attend at least one performance of it; at best several performances, which a new opera deserves (to be fully digested)!!!
    Toi, toi, toi!!!!
    Win H.