Monday, March 15, 2010

Making of Amelia Part 1: Costumes

Starting today, Seattle Opera is debuting a new video series on the process of creating the new opera, Amelia (to be premiered this May). Each week for the next five weeks, we’ll release the latest video installment, beginning with today’s video featuring the costume design process. Enjoy the first chapter in the Making of Amelia!

To watch more videos or learn more about Seattle Opera's production of Amelia, visit the Seattle Opera website.

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  1. Doug Clarke ( 20, 2010 at 11:34 AM

    Regarding the authenticity of the naval uniforms in the opera: I'm glad you have conducted so much research, as often navy uniforms in opera and theater are a joke. Witness Pinkerton in Butterfly and the atrocious navy uniforms in the current production of South Pacific. However, I do have 2 concerns about Cdr McFall's uniforms. You show him in dress whites with aiguillettes. Aiguillettes are only worn by aides to the President, military attaches and aides to Flag Officers. They are only owrn while the person is in that position. None of those are flying billets, so Cdr McFall should not have been wearing them when shot down.

    The leather jacket given to Naval Aviators is a Flight Jacket NOT a Bomber Jacket.


    Doug Clarke
    CAPT, USN (retired)