Monday, January 25, 2010

Trailer for Adult Education Event

Join us 7 pm, Tuesday February 2, to discuss political issues including nationalism and globalism in the operas of Verdi and Wagner. Hosted at Seattle University's Wyckoff Auditorium. For a full list of programming in this free series, click here.

If you can name all the locations in our lavishly-produced video trailer here, you get in free! (As does everybody else...)


  1. Very cute. I really thought Jon was going to chug that whole beer...

  2. Hahaha. I am loving these videos. Sounds like it will be an interesting discussion!

  3. Great Job! I'm having fun looking for Verdi and Wagner in many of the scenes.


  4. Hallo, Jon & (?Seneca?)!
    Like Palombi, I do recognize the Space Needle!
    But, alas, I can't come to the very interesting evening you plan on Politics on Tuesday eve.; that is when my very Significant Other arrives from Deutschland, and she would be very boese if I preferred your discussion to her kisses!!
    (which would then become tongueLASHINGS!! Tschuess,
    Win H.