Thursday, January 21, 2010

Il Trovatore Reviews

Have you seen Il Trovatore yet?

Here’s what some members of the press have to say...

About the music:
“The music is a stunning collection of gorgeous tunes, like the Anvil Chorus, recognizable even by most opera rookies.” —Maggie Larrick, Queen Anne News
“Yves Abel is an excellent conductor. He conducted with panache, sympathy and even fire when called upon to do so.” —R.M. Campbell, The Gathering Note

About Lisa Daltirus (Leonora on Saturdays and Wednesdays):
“Her lovely, well-controlled high notes become in her hands, or throat, versatile tools—she can float them ethereally or set them ablaze.” –Gavin Borchert, Seattle Weekly

About Mary Elizabeth Williams (Leonora on Sundays/Fridays):
“Her voice has weight but is intensely lyrical. It is also warm and rounded. She has a beautiful line, finesse and an arsenal of colors which she uses with great discretion.” —R.M. Campbell, The Gathering Note

About Antonello Palombi (Manrico on Saturdays and Wednesdays):
“The way Palombi sang Manrico’s two most tender love songs…expressed to perfection just how much this thoughtful troubadour was torn between romantic passion and filial duty.” —Sumi Hahn, The Seattle Times

About Gordon Hawkins (Count di Luna on Saturdays and Wednesdays):
“Baritone Gordon Hawkins just gets better and better. His tortured Count di Luna…is no clich├ęd villain.” —Maggie Larrick, Queen Anne News

About Malgorzata Walewska (Azucena on Saturdays/Wednesdays):
“Mezzo-soprano Malgorazta Walewska embraced the wickedly complex character of the gypsy Azucena with gusto…[she] scaled the wild vocal demands, and swept the audience into the gypsy’s dark mindset.” —James Bash, Northwest Reverb

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Photo © Rozarii Lynch

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