Friday, October 23, 2009

Photo-of-the-Day Caption Contest

Hilarious captions are rolling in! From swine flu to I Love Lucy inuendos, yesterday's captions kept us laughing. The winning line was the very first submission of the day, from John Hines Jr.: "Where are my car keys? I left them right here!"

As we head into the weekend (and three days in a row of La Traviata performances!), let's have some fun with a new photo. Happy Friday!


Laurie Sanders said...

I wonder if this dress makes my butt look big.

Rosebrook Classical said...

I need freedom...But I love you...I need freedom...But I - wait, are you looking at my butt?

Anonymous said...

"It's ok. They're gone. You can come out now."

Sean Moore said...

Lavish costumes still predominate in Sir Mix-A-Lot's otherwise thoroughly modern interpretation of "La Traviata." In this still, Violetta (Nuccia Focile) plays coy as Alfredo (Dimitri Pittas) sings, "LA face with the Oakland booty," from the "Un dì, felice, eterea" remix.

Rachel Velarde said...

What did I just step in??

Alice Bloch said...

Mama was right: this dress hides the dandruff!

Anonymous said...

Is there a bug on my dress ?

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