Sunday, November 1, 2009

Photo-of-the-Day Caption Contest - In Review

Another Seattle Opera production closed last night, and all the captions are in. Our final contest winner is Pat Palmer for their caption, "Evel Knievel's Great,Great Grandfather." Thank you to everyone who played along in our silly contest!

As we relish fond memories (and tunes in our head) from La Traviata, here are all the winning captions throughout the production in review. Enjoy!

"They're really going all out in the donors' lounge this season!"

"If Scarlet O'Hara can get drapes to fit, so can I!"

"Violetta...I just saved alot of money by switching to Geico."

"SHE SAYS: Raise the roof.. HE SAYS:OH yea!!"

"Where are my car keys? I left them right here!"

"Lavish costumes still predominate in Sir Mix-A-Lot's otherwise thoroughly modern interpretation of "La Traviata." In this still, Violetta (Eglise Gutiérrez) plays coy as Alfredo (Francesco Demuro) sings, "LA face with the Oakland booty," from the "Un dì, felice, eterea" remix."

"Dude, I TOLD you counting cards doesn't work in this game..."

"I told you I was going to wear that dress tonight!"

"Your face is going to freeze that way."

"My dear, are you SURE eating all that garlic was a good idea?"

"All the single ladies....all the single ladies...."

"Why oh why did I have that triple shot macchiato after dinner? I'm never going to get to sleep."

"Evel Knievel's Great,Great Grandfather"

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