Monday, October 5, 2009

Final and Full Documentary: "Confessions of a First-Time Operagoer"

Hopefully you've been following the "Confessions" project all summer long, but in case you haven't, the quick summary is that we sought out to determine if an opera newbie could not just appreciate – but actually enjoy – opera. And not just ANY opera, but Wagner's massive Ring cycle.

Starting with auditions in May, then a week of online voting in June with over 6,500 votes cast, we found our opera neophyte and documentary host in Cassidy Quinn Brettler. In the weeks that followed we immersed Cassidy in the creation of the Ring, from "flying" like the Rheinmaidens, to meeting General Director Speight Jenkins, to tumbling around with Richard Paul Fink, to playing with fire. How does a young opera novice respond to Wagner’s monumental, epic cycle? And can a young person - or any opera newcomer - like the art form enough to want to come back?

All these questions are finally answered in the full reality-style video of "Confessions of a First-time Operagoer." The video made its world premiere last weekend, but today it makes its online debut (now it really is for the whole world!). ENJOY!!