Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Photo-of-the-Day Caption Contest

Cycle II is now in full swing, and the hilarious captions keep pouring in! The winning caption from yesterday is courtesty of Linda Jane (contact us to learn how to claim your "Ho Jo To Ho" t-shirt) for her comment, "...and when I pull THIS string, it makes his eyebrows go up and down!"

The new daily snapshot is here; let the caption-writing commence!


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

oooohhhhh!!!! shiny

Michael said...

"I went to Valhalla and all I got was this silly orange."

GraceJ said...

"Yes! The apple is for you! Now, can you help me find my puppy...?"

calien lewis said...

And if I eat this I turn into a what?

Anonymous said...

You may squeeze my lemon, if I can hold your spear!

Me said...

"Is it organic?"

jeff hanna said...

an apple a day keeps the giant away.

Jonathan Caves said...

I know this is a Wagner opera but sometimes an apple really is just an apple.

Lisa Hirsch said...

"You are getting sleepy...sleepy...hand over the gold right now...."

Howard Bond said...

No, no, no. You carve runes on the SPEAR, you EAT the apple.

Sam Fontaine said...

Yum Yum! A Washington State Golden Delicious!

Dan De Matteis said...

Here, Wotan, use this to chalk up. Wait 'til you see the English you can put on that ball!

Kevon said...

I TOLD you if you touched that toad you'd get warts!

Big Al said...

And suddenly, Wotan was able to empathize with Snow White.

samkittytooCR said...

You hit it with that stick and then run in a big circle while someone tries to tag you with it. Trust me, this game is going to be a big hit next millenium.

Anonymous said...

Listen, if you have to wear gloves to handle that thing, what makes you think I'M going to take it?

Tintahal said...

Are you trying to have us commit the Original Sin? That has already been done heterosexually by Adam and Eve!
Marta Boros

hmunz@earthlink.net said...

Snow White accepts the poisoned apple from the Wicked Queen, as portrayed by the Seattle All-Boys Prep School Drama Club.

Anonymous said...

Hold still Loge, you know how bad my depth perception is with just one eye.

Lucy Dickinson said...

Fred! You almost forgot to take these UNUSED ROLLOVER MINUTES!

Unknown said...

"Hocus pocus dominocus, make this peach an apple."

Perry Lorenzo said...

"Last time Peter Kazaras gave me this apple, it was terrible: why should I trust you?"

Lisa Hirsch said...

PERRY. that is naughty. Now go to your room.

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