Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"Confessions" - The Ring is HERE!

So, I am officially an operagoer! I’ve made it through half of the Ring cycle already – two whole operas!

Sunday, I saw Das Rheingold. I didn’t know what to expect, except that I knew I should stay caffeinated and prepare to sit still for two and a half hours. But after a long day of preparation, I was finally ready.

My day began at 3 o’ clock on Sunday afternoon, when I started trying to figure out what I should wear! Anna, from Reel Grrls, brought a humongous pile of beautiful skirts, shirts, dresses, shoes, jewelry – everything I would need to transform into a sophisticated operagoer! I tried on outfit after outfit, before finally deciding on one. Then the rest of the Reel Grrls arrived, and I changed back into my average Joe clothes so that they could show everyone watching what I looked like before I got ready to go to the opera. After we shot the “before” footage, I started to really focus and get into gear. I started doing my hair and makeup, and, let me tell you – my bathroom has never been full of so many people! Anna was doing my hair, while I did my makeup, and then about 6 other Reel Grrls were in there with lights, the camera, the microphone – it was complete and utter chaos! But controlled chaos, nonetheless.

Here's me once I was completely ready!

Finally, I had my tickets in my purse and I was ready to go. I headed to McCaw Hall to meet up with the Reel Grrls again, where we shot some footage before the show began. It was crazy running around McCaw Hall – there were so many people there, even an hour before the show was scheduled to start!

Then, just before 7 o’ clock, it was time to head to my seat. And that’s when it finally hit me – the moment I had been waiting for all summer was actually here! So I grabbed a program, and sat down.

And I actually loved the show! I was a little skeptical beforehand. But, fortunately, I really liked it! I got a little fidgety after sitting down for 2 hours, but the story was very compelling and kept me on the edge of my seat!

I think my favorite part was when Alberich turned into a snake and then a toad. It was such a great representation of how magical the entire opera was – gods, rainbows, gold – it was like watching a fairytale! I also loved all of the fire! I had already played with some of the fire, and seen all of the fire that came out of the sets. But I didn’t know that Loge, the fire god, could actually shoot fire out of his hands! I’m kind of jealous… I wish I could do that! And make a helmet out of gold like Mime did for Alberich… And walk on a rainbow bridge up to Valhalla like the gods! If only I could live in the world of Das Rheingold… Except then I might have to give up love or something, and that wouldn’t be any fun.

Then Monday night I saw Die Walküre, and I loved it! I think I liked it even more than Das Rheingold. The first act was such a beautiful love story, with Siegmund and Sieglinde. But the third act was my favorite – I finally got to actually hear the "Ride of the Valkyries!" The orchestra music was so beautiful! And it’s such a heart-wrenching story – Brünhilde disobeying her father, but only because she knew it was what he truly wanted, and then becoming an outcast of the family! I can’t imagine that ever happening to me! But I think that so far, if I got to choose a character to play, I would be one of the Valkyries – it seems like a fun part to play! Now only if I could sing like them…!

One thing I thought was interesting in comparing the two operas I’ve seen so far is how they are separated into acts. Das Rheingold is only one act, but there are many set changes throughout. But in Die Walküre, there are 3 acts, but only one set in each act. I thought that was very interesting. It’s crazy that the show can stay in the same set for over an hour for an entire act! I look forward to seeing how this all works in the next two operas!

One last thing before I go rest up for tonight's Siegfried – during all of the intermissions for each opera, I will be in the first tier lobby standing next to a sign that says “Come Meet Cassidy at Intermissions!” – please come say hi to me! Give me some advice about opera, or tell me what your favorite opera is in the Ring cycle! I would love to talk to you!

See you tonight!

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  1. Hallo, Ms. Quinn!
    To see how VERY much fun it is to be a Valkyrie, see the production of "Walküre" in Lübeck, Germany!
    There, the beginning of Act III resembles Friday night at a USAF Officers' Club as the gals (all pilots!!) really party it up!!
    Win H.