Monday, July 6, 2009

Vote for Your Favorite Opera of 2008/09!

You saw them all—the majestic Aida, the riveting Elektra, the shimmering Pearl Fishers, the intriguing Bluebeard’s Castle with Erwartung, and the charming Marriage of Figaro. Now it’s time to share your thoughts! This week Seattle Opera is conducting a People’s Choice poll where you can vote for your favorite mainstage production of the season. Separate from the company’s Artist of the Year awards, where donors, trustees, and staff vote for their favorite singer and favorite creative team member from the past season, this poll is just for fun. Tell us—and your fellow audience members—which production you found to be the most impactful, thought-provoking, well staged, or just an all-around wonderful evening of opera. Don’t forget to visit the comments section of this post to tell us why you chose the opera that you did! Vote Now!


Jonathan Caves said...

Tough: I loved both Electra and Bluebeard's Castle/Erwartung. Luckily I could vote for both :-)

Geoduck said...

I voted for Bluebeard's Castle/Erwartung: great singing and playing and absolutely stunning staging.

Anonymous said...

Pearl Fishers has got to be one of the best staged operas I have ever seen--my wife still thinks the scuba divers were in a huge tank of water at the back of the stage!

Michelle said...

This was a really tough choice, but I voted for Marriage of Figaro as the top one: the SO performance was lively and full of humor that had the audience laughing out loud while capturing the tremendous beauty of Mozart's arias. A close second was Bluebeard Castle for the stunning production--it made me wish that Bartok had written more operas. I adored Pearl Fishers, much to my surprise--while some may pooh-pooh young Bizet for hummable melodies and silly exoticism, this was a gorgeous production: the underwater scene was beautiful, the choreography pretty, and the characters compelling (hooray for young Bizet in portraying women with strength & integrity like Carmen and Leila). Elektra was fascinating--I was surprised how much humor there was in all that darkness...and Stephanie Blythe was particularly amazing in Aida. Thank you Seattle Opera for a marvelous season!

Carol E said...

Bluebeard's Castle, hands down. Knocked me out. It was a real think piece, in addition to the excellent production.

Anonymous said...

I voted for Elektra, simply because of the stellar vocal and scenic performance of Janice Baird.

Tamara A. said...

Bluebeard's Castle and Erwartung were superbly designed, the lighting was an integral part of each opera, and the stage direction was dramatic AND logical. The singing was superb. The Canadians behind this production showed respect for ideas.
Electra was excellent despite the gargantuan sets and ho-hum staging.

Anonymous said...

Easy call for me--Bluebeard's Castle/Electra. This was an unforgettable evening--gloriously performed music that pushed my boundaries, gee-whiz, jaw-dropping staging and lighting, and impeccable performances by everyone involved. And perhaps most of all--I am so grateful when Mr. Jenkins and SO take the enormous risks of offering something new and uncharted. We are all enriched immeasurably for it.

Anonymous said...

Hallo Seattle-Opera-Bloggers!
It' wonderful to see there are more than one of you/us!!!
Only problem with this "election" is that it left out "All of the above"!! I'd have checked that, as I loved ALL of "the above"!!
Thus the choice was next-to-impossible, but I chose it because "Pearl Fishers" came the closest to uniting successfully several of the arts, including musical, visual, theatrical, AND choreographic; for me, especially the latter. This was driven home by the experience of seeing "Bluebeard" in a production this past season in Schwerin, Germany, where I live most of the time. In it, the stage director, a former solo dancer at Berlin's Komische Oper, ATTEMPTED to tell parft of the story and background by using two dancers (in addition, of course, to the two singers) and (I'd say) failed miserably, whole it succeeded magnificently in Seattle's "Pearl Fischers"!!! THANKS, Seattle, for a great production!!! I'm sorry that my German partner did not see IT here, but visited later in February, and did see "Bluebeard" and "Erwartung" here (and liked both), but I'd have wanted her to have seen how well Seattle untied dance with the other arts in "Fishers", while the Schwerin attempt in "Bkluebeard" disappointed both of us.
Seattle really IS someplace special when it comes to opera!!!!
Tschuess (und besten Dank!!),

zach said...

sadly i didn't see all of the productions so i feel a little bad voting but i did see 3 out of 5. blue beards castle was amazing. the marriage of figaro was incredibly entertaining. didn't care as much for the pearl fishers.

Heidi Ganser said...

I'm so glad Bluebeard/Erwartung is winning! I know that it was a risky inclusion in the Opera's season due to the relative obscurity of the pieces and the dreary subject matter. But the risk paid off. I loved seeing a very theatrical (experimental?) approach to opera. The singers were top-notch, and the staging and design were completely magical and "outside the box". I feel lucky to have gotten to work on this project as costume coordinator. It had amazing buzz in the theatre community due to the reputation of Robert LePage, and many of my friends who don't normally see opera, came and loved it. I think Bluebeard/Erwartung had great appeal for a younger audience.

Tony Kay said...

Bluebeard and Erwartung was, simply put, one of the most hypnotic nights I'd ever had at the opera. Just stunning.

Anonymous said...

I loved them all, wanted to vote, but didn't read my email till after the poll was closed. Thought Bluebeard's Castle/Erwartung was amazing, would buy the DVD if there was one; loved Elektra, too; Pearl Fishers was nice, but my husband and I were getting tired of the plot by the end; and you can't go wrong with Marriage of Figaro. But, I would have voted for Aida, just because I was so happy to finally see it for the first time, and it was gorgeous, and I loved the temple scene with the singer from India, very exotic.

Catherine Koehler

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