Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Seattle Opera's Summer Programs for Students

Everyone knows that The Ring is back this summer at Seattle Opera. Everyone knows that besides the operas themselves Seattle Opera does tons of public events to really make The Ring a festival experience. What everyone doesn't know is that we are also offering two exciting programs for students of all ages to take part in The Ring as well.

For younger students, grades 3-6, RingFest is a chance for students to take part in an hour-long adaptation of Das Rheingold. Students will take on the roles of the Rhine Daughters, Alberich, Wotan and the rest of the cast as well as help create some of the props and costumes for the performance. At the end of each session all their hard work will be performed for Ring goers from around the world on the day between Siegfried and Gotterdammerung during the first two cycles in August. A number of scholarships have been generously donated by Wagner and More to allow students to attend RingFest.

To get more information and download a registration form check out the Seattle Opera website here: Seattle Opera RingFest

For high school age students, 14-21, we offer Experience The Ring. This week-long program allows students to study each of the four operas in-depth as well as take a behind-the-scenes look at the opera house with a backstage tour. Students will get to attend the final dress rehearsals of this critically acclaimed production of The Ring and will have a chance to interact with other opera fanatics in the making. Each day, students will have the opportunity to respond to this momentous operatic creation by taking part in one of several different activities; maybe they will be inspired to create a production concept all their own, or create a piece of art from a particularly powerful moment in The Ring, or they can take part in a great debate to decide if Wotan's punishment of Brunnhilde was morally just. Over the years, The Ring has effected audiences of all ages, and this is the perfect opportunity to introduce high school students to one of the greatest artistic achievements in western culture.

To get more information and download a registration form check out the Seattle Opera website here: Seattle Opera Experience The Ring


  1. Hallo, Seattle Opera!!
    EVERYTHING mentioned in this Blog about what you are doing to develop future audiences for opera, and particularly the "Ring", are TREMENDOUS ideas; you are definitely on the right track!! Thanks to you, the future of opera, at least in Seattle, looks promising.
    Without an audience in the future, there will be no opera!!!
    Tschuess (und besten Dank!!),