Thursday, May 28, 2009

NYT on Schenk, Wadsworth, Holten, Zambello, and Lepage

Anthony Tommasini wrote an interesting article for the New York Times on Sunday about current productions of the Ring.

I have to quibble with Mr. Tommasini when he says about the Seattle Ring:
The one miscalculation the director Stephen Wadsworth made in his imaginative “Ring” for the Seattle Opera, which I saw at its premiere in 2001, was the ending of “Götterdämmerung.” This outdoorsy, environmental staging, the “green ‘Ring,’ ” returns to the company this summer.

At its conclusion, as the river overflows its banks and the ring is returned to the Rhinemaidens, the gods appear out of nowhere in some nether realm, exchanging congratulatory hugs, now that the curse is broken and the natural order restored. No! The gods should be kaput.

I'm sorry if it looked to Mr. Tommasini, in 2001, as if our gods survived the apocalypse. In 2005, with the increased technical possibilities of McCaw Hall (as opposed to 2001's Seattle Opera House), it was more clear that the gods were hugging each other in farewell; that they would not in fact survive.

I'm also fascinated by his description of Seattle's Ring as 'outdoorsy' and 'environmental'. More to come on that later; for the time being, I have to head up to REI, to get my bicycle back from the shop. Really!