Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Last Night's MIDSUMMER Rehearsal

Last night was our first dress rehearsal of A Midsummer Night's Dream. Some photos taken at the rehearsal by Rozarii Lynch, to whet your appetites for the show:

A tender moment for Lysander (Bray Wilkins) and Hermia (Elizabeth Pojanowski), who plan to elope from Athens to avoid the harsh law which will force her to marry Demetrius:

Puck (David Hogan) likes Oberon's (Anthony Roth Costanzo) plan to be avenged upon Tytania:

Bottom agrees to take on the role of Pyramus, to the delight of his fellow actors (l to r, Marcus Shelton as Snout, Thomas Forde as Snug, Marc-Antoine d'Aragon as Starveling, Alex Mansoori as Flute, Jeffrey Madison as Bottom):

Her Fairy Attendants are amused by Tytania's (Megan Hart) sudden passion for Bottom:

"I say I love her more than you can do!" Lysander (Bray Wilkins) and Demetrius (Michael Krzankowski) put Helena (Vira Slywotzky) on a pedestal, while Hermia (Elizabeth Pojanowski) watches in annoyance:

Pyramus and Thisbe whisper through the chink in a wall (Alex Mansoori, Marcus Shelton, and Jeffrey Madison):

As you can see from the photos, Peter Kazaras's production (designed by Donald Eastman, with costumes by Heidi Ganser and lighting by Connie Yun) sets the opera in a British boarding school, where Shakespeare's aristocrat/lovers are teachers and his fairies are students.

More coming soon!

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