Thursday, February 24, 2011

Photos from Rehearsal

Here are our first photos of Don Quixote, taken at last night's dress rehearsal by the great Rozarii Lynch, Seattle Opera's production photographer:

Inspired by what many consider the greatest novel ever written, the opera is set in an imaginary landscape of giant books. John Relyea is Don Quichotte and Eduardo Chama is Sancho Panza.

The lovely Dulcinea, played by Malgorzata Walewska, is unsatisfied with her four admirers (played by Alex Mansoori, Marcus Shelton, Emily Clubb, and Jennifer Bromagen)

Sancho (Chama) takes care of Rocinante and Dapple, who are played by Millie (an 8 year-old Paint) and Desperado (a 14 year-old Tennesee Walker).

The opera's plot concerns the January/December romance of Quixote and Dulcinea.

The production features authentic Spanish classical dance, choreographed by Sara de Luis and performed by de Luis, Raul Salcedo, and others.